Publié par : Jacques Boulogne | 26 mai 2008

Karib Sea warriors : photos (in english)

The karib sea warriors is the name of the group of karib people who crossed the channel beetween Martinica and Dominica the 2nd May 2008. They trained to paddle in the port of Marigot (Dominica). The team in Martinica, called « The cannibales », trained in the towns of Schoelcher and Prêcheur in Martinica. The two teams participated at the Ioumoulikou operation.

The object of the Ioumoulikou operation is to meet the brothers in the others islands of the Caribbean. It’s an idea of Benoît Berard, an archeologist who lives in Martinica. The Karisko association in Martinica decides to realize his idea and this marvellous project borned.

The paddlers of the Ioumoulikou operation in Martinica are in the article « Hommes et femmes qui participent au projet » it means : « men and women who take part in this project » . But if you want to know who are the paddlers in Dominica, you have to consult the Jay Grimner internet site.


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