Publié par : Jacques Boulogne | 20 mars 2008

Carib Canoe Warriors Easter Training Trip to Martinique


Texte te photos By J. Grimner

D’autres photos ici : CLIQUEZ

The Carib Canoe Warriors this week enter the challenging second phase of their arduous training program when they join forces in Martinique with their Martinique KARISKO counterparts. Together our Dominican group of 15 men and women Carib Kalinago rowers will travel to our French sister island to the south to meet and join the 100 KARISKO participants; doctors, trainers, security and rowers, to set out on the open seas for the first time in the two huge authentic Carib War Canoes as a complete team of Carib Canoe Rowers.

This two-day trial run will cover some 25 nautical miles off the coast of Martinique and will seriously test the grit and mettle of all those involved. These tough 25 miles are merely one-half the total distance of the real project, a historically accurate recreation of the original crossing of the Martinique Channel by the Kalinago People in their pre-Columbian colonization of the Caribbean Islands from their original tribal lands in the Amazon Basin.

This historical re-enactment will take place with both teams crossing the Martinique-Dominica Channel on Friday 2 May 2008. The combined team of Dominican and Martinique rowers will paddle the two 25-man Carib War Canoes for ten hours, setting out at morning’s first light and continuing across the open seas non-stop for the entire day.

An elaborate Welcome Ceremony is planned in Scotts Head and Soufriere for sunset of the same day, followed by a traditional Village Koné Konla Fete on into the wee hours of the night. The following day, Saturday 3 May 2008, water sports activities will be highlighted, including 4-man canoe races and actual outings in the 25-man canoes for the general public from both Martinique and Dominica.

This week, Easter Weekend, our Dominican Carib Canoe Warriors will get their first chance to see if they really have what it takes to challenge the unforgiving sea. Judging from their tough training program which has been underway here in Dominica every week since January 2008 in the rough Atlantic Ocean off the East Coast, our Carib Canoe Warriors are more than ready for the challenge.

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